A Designer at Heart,

A Professional in Practice

I started programming in late high school after buying a “C++ for Dummies” book. I learned very little and picked up many bad programming habits immediately. I realized this and started taking classes. Today, I’m a proficient and professional developer. I’ve worked with agile teams, completed a minor in Computer Science, and even launched a startup.

I’ve been been in graphic design for much longer than I’ve been a programmer. My first run-in with graphic design was a slide-show YouTube series created entirely in Microsoft Paint. Since then, I’ve become extremely well versed in the Adobe suite. I’ve created designs for the Dripping Springs YMCA team, the Eddie Ray Band in Whimberly, wedding invitations, and even Alba Insurance Co.

Audio engineering has been my central hobby since I became a musician. However, after over ten years of experience, I began offering my recording services professionally. I’ve recorded rappers, solo acoustic artists, jazz and country bands, and even death metal. I work with Logic Pro X and have accumulated thousands of dollars in plugins and equipment. I’m familiar with various methods of distribution and all standard bit rates/encodings.